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Hello, entrepreneurs of Shopify,


E-commerce is on the horizon for me for a long time and I finally found the time and motivation to start my first store.

With this post, I'd like to present my idea to this amazing community and read about all your insights, like a suggestion to improve or any other ideas. 


Firstly I'd like to introduce myself to you a little. I'm a 17-year-old kid from Germany who's reading and following the life of entrepreneurship since my early days. My biggest idol is Elon musk who is motivating me every day to stamp something out of the ground.  My first contact with business was as I sold the raspberries of my granddad's tree for a ridiculous price. I have to admit the fact that I was a 10-year-old with fat baby cheeks helped me a lot. 

However, now I'm taking the next step to my dream of being a successful entrepreneur.


Now to my idea, I'd like to present to you. 


Niche description:


My current project is launching an online store within the smoking supplies niche, which will carry the name Verdant. 

I chose this niche since I have a personal passion as well as I'm convinced that the customer base will rapidly grow since the legalisation is expanding day for day. I have some numbers which prove that fact. 3 years ago there were 238 Millon people who smoke. 40 Millon of them in North America and 23 Millon in Central Europe. 

I consider the niche with high value. Since legalisation is still on its way I'm personally convinced that completion is still pretty low. The demand for physical products is high, furthermore, the long term forecast for the niche is looking good since the customer base and acceptance is growing year by year.




From day one I want my brand to represent trust and reliability towards my customers. I want to achieve that goal by taking the guesswork away of which already established product is the best choice for your personal needs. Moreover, I will try from day one to co-brand with small or big established companies to gain trust from my clients.


Website/Product Design:


My take on defecating myself from my competitors is to put a heavy spotlight on a niche based system. I will create bundles which cater to several different situations whilst still offering basics products every smoker needs in his setup in a cross-selling fashion. For example, if you mainly find yourself smoking outside I will offer your an "On-the-way" bundle with products which support and facilitate smoking outside. Then after deciding on the bundle you will be confronted with basic products who everyone needs to smoke. In the future, I plan on turning that idea into a sub based system where pay monthly and receive a bunch of products based on the situation you select beforehand.





Since I'm fairly new to the whole world of E-commerce I'd like to take every insight you are so kind as to share with me as a help of improving my store proactively. I prepared some question for you, however, I urge you to feel free to ask every question which comes to your mind.


How do you consider the value of my niche of choice?

Which tips can you give me for branding?

Is the smoking supplies niche easy to market? 

Is my heavy spotlight on niche-based products the right choice or should I start with a general store?


As already said I'm really thankful for every insight and I wish you a pleasant day

Marius Wilsch




Hi @Verdant 


Smoking supplies is a good niche. All the very best for your business. We Help Shopify Dropshippers
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Thanks for the feedback @dropship_helps 

@dropship_helps wrote:

Hi @Verdant 


Smoking supplies is a good niche. All the very best for your business. 

. I really like the niche as well. I have a question for you though, do you know any tricks which could help me with my product research within the smoking supplies niche?