Need a solution urgently for this DropShipping business with a twist....

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We currently run a successful online business that sells its own stock (Shoes)

We want to open a consignment business ontop of this that allows vendors to sell their stock through us.


We don't want the vendors to ship directly to our customers. We want them to ship their stock to us first to verify it, we will then send it on to the customer.

The predicament is, what if 2 vendors list the exact same shoes in the same sizes? Who does the order get allocated to? Is there any software out there that deals with this specifically?

Also important to note, we don't want multple product pages for the same items. The buyer should come to the page and only see us as the main seller and not be aware they are potentially buying consignment goods from a 3rd party.

Anyone can shed some light on this specific use case?


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Simple PO is exactly what you are looking for (in my opinion anyways!)

Simple PO allows you to create and link suppliers and cost of goods for your products and then you can generate a purchase order from an Order, Product or Supplier.

If you're a dropshipper you can quickly email your vendor an order with 3 clicks once you're set up or if you hold your own stock you can order more of one or more products your vendor makes, again all of the addresses and items are filled out for you and you can select whether the shipping address is your own or the customer's.

There's a 7 day free trial so give it a go today, any other questions please don't hesitate to ask.



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Hi David, We have many Shopify users using our app (Ordoro) for different variations of the dropshipping workflow. We have dealt with workflows similar to what you have described above - order comes in from Shopify, we allocate that order to a specific supplier, the supplier ships the order to you, and you then ship it to the customer. You can see some details about our dropshipping feature here. If you don't mind, please email us or call our sales line and one of us will be able to explain how to solve this problem. Automated Dropshipping, Easy Shipping Labels (USPS, Fedex, UPS) and Powerful Inventory Management for Shopify stores
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Hey David,
Cool to see a fellow sneaker consignment store owner here in the Shopify forums. Did you end up finding something that does that?
I too was looking for what you needed. But I couldn't find anything. So I decided to build a product that does just that. 
The goal was to build a new and modern consignment software that allows business to decrease cost with tools that saves them time, and increase revenue by making it easier to connect to more sales channels (like Shopify).
You can view our site here:
With the app you will have everything you need to run a consignment model on Shopify.
I would love to chat and help you out on fixing this for you. You can reach my anytime at: