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Need guidance for seamless experience

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We are comparing wix and Shopify. Our goal is a drop ship website that is content heavy and only has 20-40 products. We want to do deals direct with drop ship companies (small businesses in US) and most of them use Shopify (Not all). It seems quite easy to send a fulfillment vendor an email with an order to fulfill. But it’s unclear how to keep stock levels accurate and how to automatically update the shipping tracking number after the Fulfillments vendor ships. I thought Shopify to Shopify integration would be easy, but a previous forum post I found basically says to custom integrate with API’s. Syncio app sounds like it could work, but only for Shopify and I would have to convince each vendor to install and use it.

Also I can’t find any documentation on how a fulfillment vendor using Shopify can take an inbound email from me and integrate it to Shopify for fulfillment (use same shipping process as their own store). 

Any guidance for direct integration (not oberlo) with drop shippers is greatly appreciated!

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Hello @Oatmealr 

If your supplier doesn't have shopify integration, then you should update and process manually. We Help Shopify Dropshippers
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Many of them do have Shopify (they are stores on Shopify). But again, I have seen zero instructions or features that A) allow me to send an order from one Shopify store to another, or B) allow me to receive fulfillment status (tracking number) from one Shopify store to another. 

Thanks for responding. I’m wondering if all eggs are in the Oberlo basket and I need to convince all my suppliers to join that program first?

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If most suppliers use shopify, you should choose according to the selection of most suppliers, which will be more convenient, and you can manually resolve the orders for the remaining suppliers.
If it were me, I would choose to put the eggs in different baskets. Oberlo is indeed a good application, but it must be admitted that there are many other apps that add many other functions to the services provided by oberlo. You can use Oberlo or other apps at the same time. After comparison, you can know which ones will be more convenient to use.

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