Need help finding these products please.

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Have seen this item in several IG ads from different stores.Have seen this item in several IG ads from different stores.Same with the sleigh bells.Same with the sleigh bells.In 2 different Etsy stores - same picture.In 2 different Etsy stores - same picture.sleighbells2.jpg

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Santa? Is it you? SCNR

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Hello @evergreenharv 

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We can easily connect you with the best and most affordable suppliers in China for those items. It will be very easy, trust me. Please send us a message in our social media accounts and we will help you a lot.

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I suggest u try Ourmall. It support find products & professional vendors, also u can upload product image/name/URL that u wanna sell, vendors on Ourmall will respond u with the most affordable purchase price.