Need to set minimum purchase qty by item for wholesale

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Hi there

My company has been working on a retail Shopify site that is almost ready — for our Wholesale customers, we have decided to have a completely separate account / storefront (partially because we have variants and want none of them available to wholesale customers, and every coder complained removing them just for wholesale users, even with an app, would be too hard... but we have a few reasons.) 

Anyway - on our current (non-shopify / custom coded) site, when logged in as wholesale, all items
1. show their single item wholesale price
2. require customers to buy in sets, with different set amounts by product type.
So, it's not just a min $ order, or a min qty order, and it certainly isn't bulk tiered pricing — 

I see lots of Apps that have min order amount, and all kinds of tiered pricing, but we don't want either of those solutions.

We simply want products to automatically increase by their set amount when you add one or more to the cart. (one + click adds 6, or 4, etc.)

I have included a screenshot  of our old site as a reference.

Screen Shot 2022-08-03 at 5.26.57 PM.png

In that example, clicking increase adds 6 more automatically. The main difference we want in Shopify vs the old site is that I don't even want the option for someone to type 2 and be told they need six — if they type 2 they should get 2 min qty sets. 

In summary, we offer no bonus discount for buying bulk, so tiered pricing doesn't work. We don't want someone to just buy a minimum amount of products or $$, we need them to buy everything in sets. Everything.

Is there an app that can accomplish this? That would be the easiest if it existed.
Many wholesale apps say they can but when I get to their demo, they actually can't. They have many options but not what I need specifically.

What might the approach be? I have hired a coder for some work already, I don't know if this is in his wheelhouse or not. 

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Hey @RicoisRichard,

I read your query and understood that you're looking for an app that offers your customers a wat to add products in multiples, right? If this is what you're looking for then, take a look at the Wholesale Order Form (WOF) app.

Here's the example of a form installed on WOF customer:

Here's the demo of this app:

Hope this helps 🙂

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