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Need you guys to check my products, for free!

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Hi guys,
I start a dropshipping website for coffee, I ran it for 2 month so far and didn't had a single sell 😞

I decided not to give up and give it all I got!! so I made a brand new web, changed every thing and trying some new ad strategy.

First of all any comment about my website will be gratefully accepted.

Second thing, I want to check my products, delivery system, payment system and act'. I'm willing to give something like 10 free giveaway for you guys. USA residents only (USA is free shipping) so you can help me with this one.

You guys will get a great coffee for you to choose (I have many types of coffee), I'll pay all the expenses. The only thing I need in return is your honest opinion about all the above.
Please guys help me out with this one! I really need this after two months of failure.

We can communicate through my mail.



*this is not a scam, the order goes through paypal, and you won't need to pay anything because I'll send you an coupon. btw I would do it myself but I'm not a USA resident and I don't know anyone who lives there.

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Hi @Oranx835 

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Do you know where can I find some people who can try my products?