New FB profile for posting abt product across FB, should I use this or personal for Ads?

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Hello, 2 days ago I have created a new facebook profile for posting about the products across FB for free data and collection of data for Pixel. Can I use this profile to Ads on FB as it is new or I just need to stick to my personal FB account for advertising?

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Hello @legend_sai 

It is recommended to use the old account for FB ads. We Help Shopify Dropshippers
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What's wrong in using the new one? some are saying that use personal profile for backup and use new for all things and then add the personal profile in business manager to pixal? is this good, just saying what others are suggesting me. I am new to FB Ads.

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You can definitely use the new one if you'd like. Another option would be to then go into Facebook Business Manager and adding another account through there for good measure. There have been reports of a lot of users facing issues with their accounts in the past so it is good to have a backup. 


Hope this helps!

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