NEW TO DROPSHIP!!! Please help me out

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        I am really new to the whole dropship business but I really want to open a site. I wanted to open a site with baby products; baby shoes, clothes,toys etc... Can someone please point me to a good supplier who is based in USA. Also I am confuse on how people are doing business with Ali Express. It shows on their that it will take 15-30 days for your customer to recieve the product. I mean which customer is going to wait that long for their product. 

Also I am really open to selling Mens and Womens apparel, shoes, purses,belts, underwear, etc... If some body knows a good supplier who is based in the USA, please help me out. I am really new to this and I really need help.

Thank you


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I suggest you avoid Ali Express since you are new at this....if you have never imported from China, it really requires some experience.   Not only do you need to find trustworthy suppliers, but the lead time from AliExpress is a huge turnoff for today's consumer.   Since you are selling children's products, be aware that the liability of a product defect can put you out of business if a child gets hurt from a product you sell and a parent decides to sue you (make sure you get product liability insurance before selling).   Many products, especially children's clothing and toys are required by the US government to have a third party lab test report for safety requirements before importing into the US. Most factories on Ali Express will not shell out a few thousand dollars to pay for lab tests for a small drop ship customer.  

Go to trade shows, find trusted vendors that fit your merchandising plan.  Many US vendors here have product that complies to US safety test standards (there are tons of regulations for childrens products, especially toys and clothes).   You can google trade shows to find toys, apparel, etc....they are at certain times of year.

I have over 20 years of merchandising experience when I worked for several mail order catalogs importing product (including toys) me don't start with China first to sell children's products unless you have prior experience.  It's an extremely high liability category.

Hope this helps.