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One-stop e-commerce service

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We are a Chinese agent for e-commerce sellers. A platform to help sellers purchase, order processing, third party logistics and warehouse storage

1、We have a professional purchasing team and have close cooperation with most nufacturers.

Our purchasing agent is to prevent you from the problems of high price, poor quality, big product difference, shoddy workmanship and high defective products when purchasing in China.

With us in China to control your product demand, more convenient for you to deal with the above problems. We will ask the manufacturer to check the product quality before shipment, and the warehouse will check the product quality and every detail and whether there is any damage before warehousing. Save you more time.(There are no products that we can't purchase in China)

2、We have exclusive logistics, fast processing orders, high-quality single line transportation, fast and reliable transportation time of 4-10 days.
  We have professional simple and automatic ERP system, can quickly process orders. Orders can be processed more than 30000 orders per day.
  Have a professional packaging team, with the most professional way to package the product, to prevent damage in the transportation of the product.
   3、We have a huge warehouse, professional distribution of all products. Every day, we will pick, package and deliver to your customers all over the world.


We use the SKU bar code system to ensure that your customers can accurately receive the goods they buy。

In the Ju wang supply chain, we are proud of our impeccable organizational ability,transparency and formal reporting, which enable us to solve problems at the first time when problems occur. You can rely on us.

4、Safe 3PL storage

We have a large warehouse in Dongguan, China to provide services for customers who need to store their products in advance, so as to ensure that customers will always have sufficient goods

Our warehouse can safely and standardly protect your valuable inventory, so as not to be lost, stolen or damaged, etc.

We look forward to your joining!

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Hello @kuvi ,

Will you provide any website or link where we can find more info.

Want to modify or changes on store
Contact us on | Skype : live:.cid.ee77f4814fc1785a
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@DropshipStore , we are located in Guangzhou and we offer one stop dropshipping service from China, let me know if you have any questions about our service. - Chinese dropshipping agent - reliable sourcing agent