Orders not being delivered by drop shipper

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 I have had multiple orders on eBay that were supposed to be sent by drop shippers, Eprolol and Spocket, but were never delivered.   I have been in contact with all three plus Shopify support and no one can answer the question, "Why aren't my items being delivered?"   I receive a message from the drop shipper, "Yay, your item has been sent," making me think that I performed the correct procedure, but then I have to refund the customer because the item does not make it to them.  This can happen periodically, I understand, but not every time.  I do not find it helpful to be sent to reams of reading material, and then be sent to a page and be told to click on a certain phrase, only to find that the "certain phrase," is not on the page that I was sent to.   Can anyone help?   Does anyone live near Philadelphia, Pa?  I would love to speak to a real person.

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Hi @jroman 

Your supplier shared any tracking link? 

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Yes, but it gave no information. I had a Shopify support person on the phone last night and he tried and got the same blank map
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