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I'm considering hiring someone to do product research for (dropshipping) and have a glaring question, any help I can get is appreciated because I'm new to this. I'm curious to know if a person is great at locoating products to dropship and are good at creating stores and marketing for Shopify or Amazon and so on, why wouldn't they just have their own store and work on that instead of helping someone else become sucessful, especially in these other countries where they only charge 6 dollars an hour?

Thanks Y'all
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Howdy @NicoletteTaylor, what a great question!


If a person is truly good at picking products, creating stores, and marketing them – why are they selling us their services instead of running their own successful store?


I believe folks normally do what they feel is best for themselves – which leaves room for many reasons why a person who could be a great merchant chooses instead to be a great expert-for-hire.


  • Maybe they do own and run a successful dropship store or have recently sold one, and by also selling you their "services" are simply practicing the art of selling their byproducts - which are the knowledge and data they've gained from being a great merchant.
  • Maybe they truly enjoy interacting with and helping other merchants every day. Maybe they find running dropship stores lonely or unfulfilling.
  • Maybe they have the expertise but they lack leadership skills and would function better as a member of your team.
  • Maybe they lack the capital to properly or legally set up a dropship business in their country.
  • Maybe they are good at picking products but not at setting up stores and/or marketing them.


We can see that a person can be great at something and have perfectly good reasons for selling their services instead of being a store owner. But don't get me wrong, there are folks selling services who are not legitimate – however, I've found that most people who have great reviews and proof of their results can be trusted to provide you with real value and insight.


I hope this answers your question. Let me know!

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I don't know, but there's a test you can do to see if pr really is difficult.  Pick your own products with whatever method you have (there are several resources).  Then try paying someone to pick em, and see if they're any different.  

But anyway, yeah, I am also concerned about how many people are from third world countries claiming to be ecommerce experts... offering services for like 20 dollars or whatever.  Why aren't you just running your own store then?

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You would get so much more out of running your own store rather working for a measly 6.00 an hour. Atleast thats the way I look at it. To me its suspect but I'm causious.
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I did that last year. Outsourced the product and supplier research for my shop. It turned out the suppliers i was recommeneded were really bad. I stopped working with him in the end, as I realised that I could do a better job myself.

From that experience I learned that oursourcing is positive and cheap when your business has repetable actions  (ie: making sure orders are up to date), but for product sourcing or your business strategy, I would not suggest using this kind of manual labor.


Good luck with your searching 

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Hey I saw this comment so I made a video little video about it. It is 11 minutes long and I explain exactly what do you should do and what a VA can do for you.

You will never eliminate yourself from product research but I find that my VA's eliminate about 95% of the hours put into it. Then I am left with just the final decisions if that makes sense.


But feel free to check out the video. If you have more questions I will gladly answer them or make a new video! https://www.facebook.com/JarrettBelliveau/videos/541781879892452/

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Thank you so very much!!
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