Pickups and Dropshipping

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I have a retail shop and right now the majority of my items are available for in store pickup.  I want to expand and add more products that are available via dropship.  I have the ability to make these products unavailable for porch pick up now with the new Shopify pick up feature, but a customer wouldn't find out until the very end of the checkout and it would be confusing to them as to why.  I do have notes in the items I have currently indicating the items are not available in store, but as I expand this will be to manual to manage this way. 


I know I can create a filter probably based on location that a customer could select, but once you click into the item detail there is nothing reaffirming them whether or not something is available for pickup or if it must be shipped.  Is there anyway to show in item level whether an item is eligible for porch pickup or not that is automated?

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Did you ever figure this out?