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We are using a DTG printing and drop shipper company for our products and we are very happy with their quality and price. However they do not offer a re tagging and insert service. Are there any apps or a process within Shopify that when our customers order from us the postal address can be automatically redirected to our offices so we can re tag and insert our stickers before we then send them on to our customers. ? thanks in advance.



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Hi @Rawee 

You mean the order invoice with your company name inserting to the shipping box? We Help Shopify Dropshippers
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so say our customers address is 


1 home street london

before it gets to our drop shipping company we want that address to change to our address


1 rawee hq glasgow


so that our customers items are sent to us so we can add our tags etc before we send on to our clients at 1 home street london


thanks 🙂