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I am looking to launch a Shopify store in the next month or so. I am already working on the admin stuff and have narrowed down the products I would like to start with. However, most of the manufacturers that offer these products on 1688 do not speak english and only accept Ali pay. So I am looking for someone who can help me bridge the communication gap and assist in requesting samples. I understand that I am in the very early stages, so any suggestions would be much appreciated! 

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Hi @ZMG 

Tiksuper Shopify app helps to source from 1688 and taobao.  Please have a look. We Help Shopify Dropshippers
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We can certainly help you with your concern. We are handling big stores with no problems whatsoever and can provide fast and accurate shipping via our Private Line. Our worldwide average is 7-12 days. We also have all sorts of dropshipping and fulfillment solutions including product sourcing and rebranding. Please feel free to visit our website, facebook page and youtube channel to learn more.

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Try Ourmall at shopify app store, many reliable suppliers on there. (they do speak english)

just try it out 

compare price with 1688 and see how u like it.





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This provider can provide multiple language support, you can try