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I am currently using Printful as my print on demand company, and I would like to switch to using a demand fulfillment service outside of the apps offered throughy Shopify. My question is, will I need to create new mockups and rebuild my store if I do not want to print through Printful and erase all products made trough their site?

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Hello @Deelovelee 


If your supplier offers same products as printful offer, no need to delete products. We Help Shopify Dropshippers
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okay, yes, I intend to use the same type of products. I guess my next question will be how do I stop Printful from processing and fulfilling the order? Is it as simple as removing the Printful app from my store?

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You should be able to go into the Printful app and unlink the store from there. When you move to another supplier you will just relink the current products to them. 

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Printful can handle most of our printing of wall art. 
However, we have some long narrow pieces which will be printed elsewhere.
Since the other printing company, though world class, is not a vendor to Shopify store owners.
How do we connect with an unlisted printer.