Private Label Dropshipping sourcing agency service in GuangZhou, China

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Are you tired of middlemen on Alibaba?

Is it a headache to choose a reliable supplier?

I will help you solve all these troubles.


Why am I a special sourcing agent?

✔ Only transparent price purchase

✔ Complete sourcing service

✔ More than ten years of sales and sourcing experience in China

✔ Negotiate prices with suppliers

✔ Develop production plans with suppliers

✔ Product quality control/inspection

✔ Free storage service for 1-3 months

✔ International transportation logistics

✔ shopify dorpshipping

✔ The package is forwarded all over the world

✔ Organize supplier and product information in Excel files


We are a professional sourcing agent team, not a trading company, so we can save you a lot of costs. We are here to work with you to achieve tangible results. Please be sure to contact me before cooperation.


General process:

  1. When you contact me, I will provide free preliminary consultation.
  2. Before starting, I will estimate the completion time of the service
  3. Provide solutions according to your purchase and direct shipment requirements.
  4. Arrange samples and shipment (if needed).
  5. Inspection and transportation of bulk orders.



Sourcing from China, importing goods to all over the world, so easy

Whatsapp:+86 135 2122 6910

WeChat:195 2092 6283

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