Problem with my first payment

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Need A help
Just got my first order. Everything in Oberlo is ok. When I paid through Paypal got the following email:(Your payment was not processed.We were unable to process your payment.)On Aliexpress status is:closed.(For system reason, this process cannot be continued. As a result your order has been cancelled. AliExpress did not accept any payment for this order.)
What should I do?What`s going wrong?
Thanks in advanced
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Hello @Haylalayla 


Aliexpress blocked you for security purposes. But nothing to worry.  You should submit your ID proof and scanned credit card.  They will verify it in 4 or 5 days.


But do not place orders with other aliexpress from another account or card till this issue solved. That too will be blocked.  


Please check this video for more info. We Help Shopify Dropshippers
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