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Hello and Good Day,

Can you please tell me the status of my shopify stores? which was shut down prior to hiring a new freelancer to make improvements and corrections. And it was also my reposting of my issue I got a hint as to what happened to my first store . I was asked if I was using any IP alteration program.
www,  was on a trial and was shut down without justifiable cause and should not have been compromised since i had 11 days on the trial. From chat with support via twitter, there was a ticket mixup.
I have experienced the same issue every time I am about to make a correction my store is banned. I often have to save up money to pay a freelancer to build my store. Despite being refunded the original price for hosting and domain,I am still at a loss for the money I paid the freelancers to build my business. I paid to have a store built so that i could focus on marketing and would have to wait several weeks before i could start again. After waiting weeks to makes a sale, my store is shut down, especially when I have asked for assistance in mitigating any additional problems
Can you please expedite the resolution of my stores?
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