Product Value put on parcel labels for customs? how do you explain to your customers?

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When dropshipping internationally and the products are shipped from China to your chosen country, your supplier who is sending your product directly to your customer has to paste a label with the value of the product for customs clearance. 

And the value of the product that is on the shipping label is always so much less than what you charged your customer. When your customer sees this value on the label of the parcel that they received, do they ever question you on why they've paid so much more knowing what you had paid your supplier?  

Most of the time that value of the product on the label is exponentially much lower value than the retail price in order to avoid taxes and duties at the border, but it still presents an awkwardness for a dropshipper to have the value of the product revealed to their customer or the fact that the cost of product is marked up so exponentially to the end consumer. 

How do the dropshippers here handle this and what do you say to your customer if they enquired directly with you? 


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Hello @mandm 


You can request your supplier not to include the price details. We Help Shopify Dropshippers
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Hi @mandm! Gabby here from the Community Engagement team at Spocket.


Dropship Helps is correct, if possible, be sure to contact the supplier to not include the info you don't want included. As well, depending on what dropshipping app you're using to source out suppliers from, it'd help you to use a platform that already has a policy in place for onboarded suppliers that states all branding from the supplier be removed on the packaging. Apps like Spocket make this possible! In terms of your concern with pricing, on Spocket, registered members who have a subscription can use branded invoices - the price you set is what appears on this invoice sent by your supplier to the customer so you wouldn't have to worry about them realizing the price difference. Perhaps Spocket is an app you can check out - you can learn more about it on Spocket's official website.


As a quick intro as well, it's a dropshipping app that gives you access to thousands of suppliers based in the EU and the US. Because of this, you're assured of quality products and one of the fastest, most efficient, and most reliable shipping times. 

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You can request your supplies not to include the price details. apps such as spocket makes such possible in terms of pricing registered members on spocket can use branded invoices.

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