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Question about Carrier Rates

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Ive been having nothing but trouble getting my rates on my site to match what I am actually paying from my negotiated rates with ups collect account... I have had to make a lot of shipping profiles for my site and do flat rates on items.. even tho ups is an option using shopify shipping I drop ship and the labels are useless to me... 


From the looks of it to get my ups account linked to my shopify site I need to upgrade my account from 29$ to 79$ which is disgusting for such an integral feature to any small business.


Does anyone have a free or cheaper solution to connect my ups account to my site and offer my customers my live rates based on weight of item? When my distributors dropship for me they ship using my ups collect account.. i just want my customers to pay shipping properly. Thanks

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Hi @Easthillsupply 


Please check the Shopify official guide to connect UPS here. We Help Shopify Dropshippers
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