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Hello all

We have found a few suppliers on Alibaba and are moving to sampling

i have been using my home address but I heard it is better to use a virtual office. Unfortunately the one I chose only receives shipments up to 10 lbs

for larger shipments, where do you receive? I am too small for a 3PL and I would prefer not to use Amazon fba at this point.


thank uou

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Hi @januarytimes 

What is your shipment weight? We Help Shopify Dropshippers
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Now that I am sampling its light - less than 10 kg
I anticipate some of these early higher volume orders may be more heavy for
500-1000 items

This middle ground in inventory is what I am concerned about- do early
stage entrepreneurs receive these at home? Too little for a warehouse, not
doing FBA- receive at home?

Thank you
Afra Janarious
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Just FYI i had no problem ordering from Alibaba to my home address.  Just read each thing during checkout it makes it seem like it must be a business address but read I can’t remember exactly but it’s there and it’ll probably say you a little money.  Don’t forget about customs and other fees!  Some suppliers/wholesalers can take care of all that for you which means it’s a little more but worth not having the headaches and arranging transportation from docks or airport!  Just my 2 cents I hope it helps