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Sea Shipping from China

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Hi guys, I have a product (3 pounds, no chemicals, etc) and had my first round of small shipping (50 units) go by air mail. However, for this round we want to order significantly more (300 or so) and would have to use sea freight. The Chinese manufacturer is telling me my options and I wanted to get some advice:
1) They quoted me as $2.50 dollars per KG, is that too high ? How low do you think I can get them.
2) They mention they are DDP so my risk is less, does that raise the shipping price? Is this beneficial to have?
3) What other fees would be associated on my end to get me the product? I am located in Cleveland if that helps at all.


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Sea Freight takes months to deliver right? We Help Shopify Dropshippers
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Please indicate more specifically about the goods which is intended to be shipped via sea. BTTER TO SEND PICTURES IF POSSIBLE.

I am not very sure if your are going to use D2D sea shipment(shipping via sea, delivered by local express Company like UPS. The duration for whole progress is around 15_20days), but let me assume that method is used.

Elements below will have an extra cost when it comes to shipment(no matter what methods):

1: Brand

2: Chemicals

3: Fluids

4: Batteries

5: Magnet

6: Powder 

If your goods include none of these above they can be considered as a "normal goods".

So far as I know, the shipping price for normal goods via Sea is around $1.5-$1.8 per kg, the price fluctuates with time and some special events for example Covid-19.

DDP refers to "Delivered Duty Paid" which means the seller will cover all the tax fees that will occur before the goods get to the destination. In that way you don't need to pay any taxed charge till the goods arrived in your hand.

Generally if use DDP, there will be no extra charges you need to pay. Just seat and wait for the arrival of your goods is all.

I am willing to be helpful if u have further questions.



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