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Send fulfillment request to another Shopify store?

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Our Shopify store is used only for fulfilment - we mirror our core product catalogue use a private app to generate orders. Shopify then handles splitting into Fulfilment Orders and status/track shipment.

We already have two fulfilment services connected for drop shipping, and we are now discussing adding a third parter. This partner sells a digital good and their entire fulfilment flow is built into Shopify.

We want to create products in our primary catalogue (bespoke front end needs it), mirror the products in Shopify, and when we create an order we want this other Shopify store to be a "Fulfilment Service" that we can send orders to.  

Is this possible? Can we send them a fulfilment order and they interpret it as a paid order in their Shopify instance?  What would that look like?

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Did you find a solution?  I'm searching for one now and I'll update you if I find one.