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Hi everyone

I've recently started a dropshipping business and sourcing from Aliexpress.  I've fulfilled orders from a couple of the stores there, but noticed that the shipping to Canada is a very different experience.  

Store 1: Selected Ali Express standard shipping 

I get a canada post tracking number and shipping in 12 days

Store 2: Selected Ali Express standard shipping

I get a singapore post tracking number and it looks like shipping in 6 weeks (I've already waited for 3 weeks and still has not arrived in destination country).  The other bad thing about this is that Shopify tries to auto-detect the carrier based on the singapore post tracking number and goes to

Has anyone experienced this and have more experience to share?





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Hi @Derek887 


It tracks almost all the carriers from China. We Help Shopify Dropshippers
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Thanks for your help.  Unfortunately that site tells me that for that package from Singapore post was not found.

Let me refine my question: when the package gets to Canada from China, is there a Canada post number that I can track with Canada post?  

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Hey Derek. 

I’m having the same problem where my clickable tracking link for my customers goes straight to! I’m based in Australia and by the looks of it, lampost is a French website? 
I have no idea how and why but 17track doesn’t seem to be working out... someone please help!

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Hi all,

I'm French, is the French "official" postal service.

I use Aliexpress Standard Shipping for all my shippings to France (never tried to another country yet), and 17track doesn't recognize the tracking numbers, so I use (just choose your language in the top right corner), and then since I use Dsers it is set up with so my customers (and me) go there when clicking their tracking number. 

(Although Paypal uses 17track so they don't recognize the tracking numbers either)

For Canada, the best choice should be ePacket, instead of Aliexpress Standard Shipping.
In France we use Aliexpress Standard Shipping because ePacket is (officially) not available, although it appears in the vendors' choices but with a longer delivery time (and often more expensive).
With Aliexpress Standard Shipping, the vendor chooses the best available carrier. With my packets in France I have mainly 2 carriers (LaPoste and an independent one) and they are equivalent.
Aliexpress has implemented Aliexpress Standard Shipping for countries where ePacket is not available, but for Canada you should always choose ePacket, whatever the price is. 

So if you choose Aliexpress Standard Shipping, your vendor chooses the carrier, not you. And your 2nd vendor clearly didn't choose ePacket. Instead if you choose directly e-packet, the vendor has to deliver via e-packet and nothing else. 
And with ePacket you shouldn't have problems with 17track. 


I hope that helps,


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Hi @Derek887 

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