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Hello, I am now trying to learn shopify dropshipping store. Currently my LLC is in USA and i open US shopify store but i am not US citizen with SSN. so here are my questions.

1. When i set up shopify payment, i have to fill both company information and personal information (but in the personal information SSN must be filled) but i have only EIN since i am not citizen. Please let me know how to proceed this.


2. And in the future, i might have multiple shopify stores under 1 LLC and the name of the stores would be different with LLC name, please let me know if that's ok.


3. when i see the results and success, i might open up another dedicated LLC only for this Shopify stores, and at that time, i am able to change my business information in the setting ?


Thanks in advanced.

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Hi @ahkarmyokyaw 

What is your real location? We Help Shopify Dropshippers
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Hi, i am currently in Myanmar, Asia