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This gets old.  I want to add my logo or design on a tee or hoodie, I have dozens of options.  Pick one, test them, compare and contrast... that part we all understand.


Now if I want to add my logo/design to say, a polo shirt or golf shirt or a windbreaker, then what?  Who offers this? 


Well, you open up the Shopify app store and start digging through each and every damn POD supplier listed there.  And almost none of them actually list the products that they offer.  Why is this?  Do they have socks?  Maybe... you just have to install the app and look at them. 


Can we not get some kind of directory?  Maybe require the suppliers to list their POD products on their app page so that we can see what they have to offer? 


XYZ-POD-Megaprinters -- 

Products offered:  teeshirts, hoodies, socks, towels, phone cases, whatever.  Suppliers will WANT to list what they have, would they not?  


This is so haphazard and random the way it is now that I really and truly dread any kind of new product research.


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No I've given up on this for the time being.  Just selling what I got for now.  But I do I am going to have to revisit this again.

And it just sucks in the current state - why would we not have something searchable?  If want to offer my product on a sticker or a dog-blanket or a all-over-print bagpipe, why not list them somewhere and provide a dropdown box filter or make the vendors list their product categories...?  This way we are not having to sort through every last bloody app on the store...


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Hi @HazeGrayMark 

Below suppliers got options for custom polo shirts. We Help Shopify Dropshippers
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