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Single supplier, multiple warehouse | Need help

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Hello there, really hope you guys can help me with my problem!


Here's the thing;

I've set up single product shop, and found a supplier via Oberlo for my item. Item has 3 color variants x 2 size variants.

That's great, however the supplier has also two warehouses to select: USA and China.


Is it possible somehow to manage the orders in a way that Oberlo (or Shopify) will automatically select USA warehouse for USA customers, and China warehouse for the rest of the world?


Is it correct that if I import the product as a whole, it'll create 12 variants? (3 colors x 2 sizes x 2 warehouses)? I'm guessing that would be the easiest way? And then simply show "Location" as a variant together with "Color" and "Size".


But, I'm bothered with what if customer decides to select "USA" location variant, but enters i.e. Canada based address? I'm guessing the Shopify can't recognize that situation? How would I fulfill that kind of order?


Thanks in advance!

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Hi @simplistic ,


Not really answering your question, but the way a lot of our clients do this is simply to have two Shopify stores (North America and ROW). Using the IP address of the customer you can point them towards the ROW store if they land on the US version.


Then you can then only show the available size / color variants that stores' fulfillment center has available. 





- Andrew - Intelligent inventory finance.
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Hello @mccaly,


Thank you for your answer. In the end, I decided to import all variants and give the customers an option to choose where to ship.

I know it's not the best solution, but this is my first store, and I guess I'll see where it takes me! Still have much to learn..