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Hello, I'm Jayden and have recently created my own dropping shipping business. The product that I'm selling is a Solar Powered water fountain! For reference later on my website can be found I would like to thank all of you first for your time and patience in ready my post and giving your feedback.

As I referenced earlier my product that I'm selling is a Solar Powered water fountain, I have done extensive research on this product and come to my conclusion that the market that I'm going to be targeting is mobile phone users and customers from the US and the UK. I have decided to do most of my marketing through both Google Ad's and Facebook Ad's. Although I have spent close to $70 in advertising I just wanted to check if I was on the right track and I wasn't just flushing money down the toilet for no reason. I ran these ads across 3 consecutive days and here are my results:

Monday 22/06/2020 (Facebook Ad's ($25AUD))
Total Sales: $0
Online Store Sessions: 138
Adds to Cart: 4

Tuesday 23/06/2020 (Facebook Ad's ($25AUD))
Total Sales $0
Online Store Sessions: 164
Adds to Cart: 3

Wednesday 24/06/2020 (Google Ad's ($19AUD))
Total Sales $0
Online Store Sessions: 24
Adds to Cart: 0

If anyone could please clear up or clarify why maybe I might not be gaining sales, is it the web-design? is the price too high? or am I just overthinking it and need to advertise more, more consistently. Thanks for the help, Jayden!

(I can add more stats if required, All store sessions equal clicks on ad's)

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Hi @JaydenStacey03 

Remove the images from home pages and add some texts and videos. We Help Shopify Dropshippers
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Thank you will do! I'll keep you updated in the next 24 hours how it works out!