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I am new to Shopify and Dropshipping. My site is live and I have products in it that I sourced from Drop Commerce. I'm happy with them but they don't have a few things that I would like to add to my store such as shaving razors. Can I source from a second dropshipper (Source B) or do I have to stay with one? Also, if I can source from a secondary drop shipper, how does that affect shipping? For instance:

Buyer purchases shaving cream from my store and that cream is sourced from Drop Commerce. They then add a razor from Source B. When their items ship, they will be shipping in two different orders and times right? The buyer wouldn't get them in the same package? 

I would appreciate any information on this. 

Thank you


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HI @dreameffects 

When you dropship from different suppliers, it is not possible to receive it at the same time.  You can inform customers like products shipped from the different warehouse so might be a delay in the deliveries. We Help Shopify Dropshippers
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Hi Bill,

You'd better keep one dropshipper to guarantee your customers to receive all parcels at one time. Doing this could help your customers save shipping fees. They will repurchase from your store if they are satisfied with your service and price in return. 

The problem you have met mainly because your dropshipper doesn't have enough products or sourcing resource. I suggest you change one for your business' long term development. BuckyDrop is a better choice for you.

First, BuckyDrop owns a strong database with products from Chinese leading ecommerce platforms. Plus, its own supply chain also has millions of products for you to choose. 

Second, BuckyDrop's covers the richest value-added services. It provides a wide variety of value-added services, including OEM Packaging Material Sourcing Service (packaging material recommendation, logo printing, expert sourcing, and packaging demo service), Customized Product Quality Inspection Service (customized quality inspection plan based on customers’ needs), Customized Product and Parcel Processing Service (materials, procedures, and methods as customers’ request) to help customers reduce supply risk, build their own brands and improve operation efficiency.  

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Hope this information will he useful to you.