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Hi Shopify Community!

I am trying to start an e-commerce site that offers various products from various, curated designers of my choosing. 

I want to offer these products without having inventory or shipping anything myself. I have done research and learned about drop shipping, but it seems like this option only allows you to display and sell products from previously setup websites, such as Alliexpress. 

I do not want this. I want to choose my own designers and products - is there a way to do this?!  Additionally, I would prefer not to have items simply linked on my website where it redirects customers to the designers website. I want orders to be placed on my website then the order is directed to the designer and then they ship once an order is placed. 

Any help is greatly appreciated! Thank you!

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Hi Natalie!

In your case you don't have to deal with Ali Express or the lot. What you should do is sell via consignment based on an agreement made between you and the designer. You would then setup your store with the products, but when a item is sold dispatching is either done from the designer or sent to your side from the designer in case you need to ship multiple items. 

We can assist you to get this up and running along with providing consulting on how to manage your inventory with different designers. Should you want us to answer detailed questions and assist you in the store buildup please drop us an email to so that we can communicate faster.


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Hi @natalie2020 

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Hi K & J,

I just read your answer to someone else's question because I have the exact same issue. We want to select our own suppliers and have them ship. I read your answer, but our concerns are with how we PAY OUT to the suppliers once an order has been fulfilled. Like the previous member who wrote the original message, we don't want the customer to be directed to our supplier's website or selling platform - we want the customer to think all products are under one 'roof' so to speak. Do you have any knowledge of how that works?



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Hi There!

Shops we've built that follow a consignment system pay the suppliers based on said supplier's sellout. So for example:

- You have 1 product from supplier A whose MSRP is 100.00$. 

- You sell that product at 100.00$ and buy it from the supplier at 75.00$ after a margin agreement is reached.

- At the end of the month or depending on the payout timing a report is generated and sent to your supplier showing that you've sold 5 Pieces. 

- You would then pay/transfer the required funds (75$x5) to your supplier and would keep the 25$ profit on each item sold.

We usually setup an automated report for the merchant and suppliers to eliminate manual work and keep work smooth.

Let me know if you have any additional questions at , we can answer your questions in more depth should you like.

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