Supplier for flower dress for little girls in/toAustralia

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I made a website on shopify and used oberlo for syncing products into my website and bought a domain name etc.. Then i watched a video saying try to buy one of the products from china and check the quality and shipping time etc.. i did so, i ordered it on the 5 of january and today is the 27th and it didnt arrive yet.... 🤨 Sooooo dropshipping from china is yes cheap but draining, who on earth will wait for me to dropship their dress when it take ages to arrive.i personally lost hope on the idea of dropshipping.  Yes i looked into other platform that focus on quality and have better fast shipment like spocket etc or even wholesalers in Australia they have the quality yes but they dont have clothing let alone fancy wedding flower girl dresses. 

i thought of changing the niche of my store but cant think of anything.

Any advice? 

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Hello @Nataly1 

We recommend finding local dropshipping suppliers and sell what they have.  Normally your local suppliers have only what your people buy the most 🙂 🙂 We Help Shopify Dropshippers
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Probably the best way to have high ROI is to dropship from China. Local dropshipping costs a lot. We have automated fulfillment and can deliver globally within 7-12 days. Also we can help you to hook up with the best suppliers. Floral dresses for children is easy to find here. Trust me. Please find us on our social media accounts and let us start doing business together.

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IF u want to have fast shipment, only local suppliers can meet you require or the suppliers who have oversea warehouse.But the cost is very expensive.

I suggest u can try shopify app Ourmall, they have a "Products market", where u can find 100k+ various premium products. 

Also u can creat a product quotation or purchase quotation. Easy to import what u need & Get the best purchase price!

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I just gave it a try its just like oberlo which i already have. 
thank u nways.

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Hi Jasmine,

John here from Spocket! Perhaps we can give a few recommended products and suppliers for your store. We have tons of trendy clothing!

Please don't hesitate to reach out to and we'll gladly extend our assistance.

Looking forward to hearing from you!




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Have you solved this problem now?
If you haven't solved this problem, then I think you can try this, they can help you.

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Hi @Nataly1 


Browse products in Syncee Marketplace. We sure you will find suppliers with fast shipping. If you need help contact

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