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Hi All,


I was doing some research into drop shipping canopy bed frames and was looking into shipping costs. The shipping dimensions of a king canopy bed frame was 85" x 16" x 5" with a weight of 121 lbs.


I used a few online freight brokers to get quotes for shipping from Los Angeles to Kansas City which is roughly half way across the United States. The lowest rate I could find is $320. I also checked couriers and they were more expensive at around $360.


I was quite shocked by these shipping rates. My question is: if this product was shipped directly from the manufacturer to the customer, how much cheaper do you think their rate would be? I know it would depend on how much volume the manufacturer ships but I'm just trying to get a rough idea.



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Hi @guyv 

The shipping cost depends on the customer location only. We Help Shopify Dropshippers
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@dropship_helpsthanks for your reply.


What I'm trying to figure out is what discount a high volume shipper would get compared to a low volume shipper?