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I'm having drop shipping website in shopify (
I import products from several websites like ebay, etsy, shein.
I'm finding difficulty everyday in syncing inventory from these sites ( wasting my time every day looking into these sites product is out of stock or not),
is there any apps or solution for this? please guide me.
thanks in advance.

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Hello Nazeemarif-

We have a app that can import your Amazon products (that you own) from Amazon and into Shopify. Once the items are imported we can then update and track your inventory. In your case, the problem would be with the dropshipping portion. Here is a article that may help explain why this is difficult!


Below are some resoures for you that include videos, FAQ's, and more information about our apps!
FAQ's -
How to use ByteStand-Import Video -
How to use FBA Shipping Video -
How to use Fresh Credit Video -

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Hi @nazeemarif 

Now are you importing products manually? We Help Shopify Dropshippers
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hi  dropship_helps,thanks for your reply, 
yes I'm importing via Importify app

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hi cara,
thanks for your reply, 

unfortunately I'm not importing anything from amazon.