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The company i'm drop shipping from isnt listed, how to set up?

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Hi all,


I have created a website to sell coffee, and i have selected a roaster i'll be going through. they are willing to set up drop shipping with me using my lables/logos but i'm confused on how to get the automated info over to them. I've seen things like oberlo where i can select products and drop ship but they arent listed on any of those types of dropshipping apps/sites.

So how do i set it up to where they get the invoice, and their cut of the product purchase to include shipping and i dont have to manually forward them the invoice/pay them?



Also i'd be totally willing to pay someone to help set this up as well. thanks!

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Hi @BeansAway 

Do you want to sell from your own supplier or oberlo suppliers? We Help Shopify Dropshippers
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I want to use my own supplier