The company we dropship for only operates M-Th, how can I reflect this in checkout?

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We have some items we sell directly and some that we dropship from another company. This other company is very small and only operates Monday through Thursday. What's the best way to let our customers know about this? Can we create a pop-up when this particular item is added to cart? Can we add this as a note on the checkout page? Can we schedule availability of the product so that they can't place an order for it on Fridays, Saturdays, or Sundays? Is there anything useful we can do with the "shipping policy?"

Also, we're using Boxify to calculate shipping, there's no way to figure this schedule into calculations, is there? I just want our customers to have an accurate idea of when their product is arriving. If they paid for next-day air, for example, it probably wouldn't arrive until Tuesday if they tried to order on a Friday, and I don't want the customer to get upset if that's what they paid for.

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Hello @kpost-kintronic 

You can mention the delivery time as business days. We Help Shopify Dropshippers
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