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I'm new to Shopify and wanting to build a dropshipping store. I see many themes are geared toward dropshipping. Do you have to use one of those or can any theme be used for it?

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Hello @DiamondAlways!


To answer your question, any and every theme can be customized to fit any kind of product.

In terms of what is available, you are able to choose between our free Shopify themes, other themes from our Shopify Theme Store  that were created by third party developers, and you can also opt for something outside our our own theme store.


The advantage to choosing one of our free themes is that not only will you be able to request some code changes/customization on your store using your design time, but we will also be able to help you resolve any issues that may occur on your theme. Please do note that certain customization may be out of the scope of our support team, but we are able to look into it regardless and give you all the next steps/recommendations. Additionally, we have documentation on each of our free themes in the help centre here to further help you design the perfect store for your products. 


If you opt for a third party theme, you will need to get in touch directly with the theme developers for issues or customization requests, and in cases where they are unable to help you out you can also refer to a Shopify Expert. Shopify Experts are people who work externally to Shopify and charge their rates based on the work that they do. They can help with any custom coding requests/issues on any of the themes.


Keeping all of the above in mind, is there anything in particular you have visualised for your store? For example, any features/layout that you would prefer? This would help you narrow down the options as there are many themes out there to explore! 

Also, what kind of products are you looking to dropship? Depending on the type of store you would like to have, you can also get some inspiration from our theme store if you search by category i.e. Clothing and Accessories:




Lastly I wanted to ask, are you new to dropshipping? If so, you can get more familiarised with it by looking into our Shopify Learn Dropshipping course. It is completely free and goes through everything you need to know to get started and build your dropshipping store. After looking into this, you might even get a better feel for what kind of theme you want! 

Lana | Social Care @ Shopify 
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Hello @DiamondAlways 


We recommend the Brooklyn theme for dropshipping.  Free theme and most used by successful dropshippers. We Help Shopify Dropshippers
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Thank you so much for your help! I'm doing the course as we speak and I see where its filling in some spaces I needed to learn. Only issue I'm having is finding the downloads that are supposed ot be at the bottom of the course, like the product spreadsheet. There seems to be no links at all under the course. If you could assist me with that it would be great! 

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Thanks for your help! Funny thing- I live in NYC so I had glanced at that theme simply because of the name. (I also have a daughter named Dawn, so that one got special consideration too.) 

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Disregard my last request please. I found it! Thanks again!