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HI everyone,


i have browsed around for dropship suppliers in the U.K, made phone calls direct to suppliers (alot of late nights) for womens active wear and cannot seem to find any suppliers with an extensive range that is also of good quality to dropship . Has anyone got any recommendations for a supplier?, would be greatly appreciated on any feedback.

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Check the following:


Yoko's Fashion

GETi Ltd

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We have lots of reliable supplier. You can check them on our Marketplace:


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We are a dropshipping supplier in China, and it’s worthwhile to try us if you are looking for fulfillment service.

We source high-quality products with lower price, also we offer branding and labeling service.

We can start with test orders and check our fulfillment process, which will move onto a long-term partnership if you are satisfied with us.

If you are interested, PLEASE write to me, so I can introduce more about our company and service.