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UK based Cut and Sew sublimation specialists required.

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Hi all,

I'm looking for a very specific kind of print on demand service if any body knows of any?

I realise this may be a long shot however! This is probably my best option at being directed towards what i envision.


 Im wondering if anybody knows of any print on demand service based either in the UK or Europe that can fulfill a product similar to the one shown above?

Ideally it would be brilliant if it integrated with shopify and ideally it would be great if the products didnt cost the earth to produce, i mean these tshirts are selling at £6 and what ive discovered so far tends to start at £20 upwards before the design process has even begun.

Id really like full customisation of my products with the use of quality products to begin with, also a short turn around time is a must as id like to keep my customer relations in tact.

I understand these specifics are probably a massive ask but if anyone has any pointers or experiences id greatly appreciate hearing your views.


Thanks in advance too anyone who takes the time to read or reply.


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Hi @UHabitat 

Are you looking for POD supplier from Europe or UK? We Help Shopify Dropshippers
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UK or Europe as long as the turn around and delivery times are within reason, thanks for your reply also.