Variants and grouping single products for larger order size

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Hi there, 

I have a query regarding products i have imported from a supplier with multiple variants:

To simplify my query i will use an example: 

I have imported my product (Candles) which has 10 variants (different smells) - they have been imported relative to the supplier - selling each candle separately ($5). I would like to keep these options but also add another buying option to buy a bulk order at a discounted price i.e all 10 candle smells ($40) . Or 5 candles ($20) wherein the customer can choose the smells they want. 

In doing so, i am aiming to increase order size whilst reducing shipping costs. 

How can I add this new 'bulk' variant whilst ensuring that it will be processed correctly with the supplier? 

Many Thanks!

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Hi @Ahmedelkony 

Can you please share the product link for better understanding? We Help Shopify Dropshippers
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Hi there, 

please find a product link below

Scented Candles sold separately by the supplier - query is how to add an option to buy 'multipack' for instance whilst insuring the order gets fulfilled accordingly by the supplier

Many Thanks,