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I wanted to share my personal experience with VidaXL, so others are aware and don’t make the same mistake I have made.

In particular my store focuses on garden furniture. VidaXL have a great range of products and thought they would fit nicely on my website.

Delivery out to customers is quick and reliable BUT every single customer that has received their order has had issues with.

Damaged products
Missing parts
Low quality
Not as expected due to photos supplied by VidaXL

Every customer has said the exact same thing. Out of 70 customers I have only 10 have received their orders and so far 10 want to return their orders.

100% return rate due to the above points.

Just to make it clear I have not mislead customers. I used the descriptions and photos provided by VidaXL and priced low to gain customers.

The worse part is that the customer service at VidaXL is awful. I have sent an email everyday regarding one order since Sunday and not had a reply back yet. What am I going to do when there are 70 returns?

I literally fear picking my phone up or going to my laptop as I just know I am going be faced with more returns when customers get their orders.

If anyone knows any garden furniture drop shippers I could work with please let me know.

Starting to feel like a dream has been ruined.
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Hi @JacobStaff70 

I have send you a message.

Regards, Florian, vidaXL

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I have replied 🙂