We are looking for a clothing/accessory/shoes distributor dropshipper service located in EU

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We are starting a fresh streetwear online clothing store located in Sweden. We are looking for faster shipments in 1-5 working days. (IF possible)

What we are looking for is a clothing/accessory distributor dropshipping service that has a 2021 spring/summer collection from known brands like Adidas, Nike, Asics, The North Face, Boss, Calvin Klein, Champion, Converse, and more BUT smaller brands are also of interest! 

I have personally looked into Brandsdistribution and they seemed great at first but after checking their bad reviews on Trustpilot I am not so sure anymore.

Any/and/or all advice is much appreciated!



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Hi @Sisten 

Branded products not recommended for dropshipping. You may get banned. 

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You can try this http://bit.do/fQAk9. The clothes and shoes they provide are of very good quality.

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hi @Sisten

Just now i looked into your post ,its great that you are starting a new online store. We have  best drop shipping service colaborated with amazon ,ebay   suppliers .You can find all types of products . And you easily import through our supplier sites.


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Hello @Sisten,

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