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What are the best ways to boost SEO for shopify stores?

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So i have had a shopify store for over a year now and it is doing pretty well, However i feel we could be doing better if we were ranked batter in google and bing searches.

Could any one help me out with any tips?


Thanks in advance


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Hi I have been writing blog articles on my network website and I have content writers who write my product descriptions trying to add key words and what not, Is this the kind of thing you mean?


Here is an example of the blog articles we have written do you think something like this would fit into an ecommerce sites blog


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Search engine optimization appears to be a subject on any small business owner's mind in today's digital marketplace. Search engine algorithms consider details such as the length of time visitors spend on your site, bounce rate, broken links, pages visited, inbound and outbound links, and so on, in addition to the importance of your keywords on pages improving the user interface and usability of your website. When you think of SEO as "optimizing your website for people who use search engines," user-friendliness becomes a crucial consideration.

Here are the best ways to boost SEO for Shopify stores:

  • Optimize the structure of your Shopify site
  • Strengthen user-experience
  • Find the best keywords to use as a goal
  • Improve the output of your Shopify product pages
  • Build a network of links to your shop
  • Content Marketing will help you rank higher
  • Use Shopify's best SEO applications and software
  • Enhance your website's navigation
  • Ensure good website speed
  • Produce high-quality, value-added content
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You have done on-page and off-page SEO also technical seo for this it will take time 2 to 3 months for ranking. I am also running a store for a client I have also done SEO and now my store keywords on the First page and I am getting organic traffic without spending huge money on Facebook ads. I can help you if you are willing.

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You can add title and meta-description to each page with the SEO tools. By inserting strong keywords in the title and meta-description, it can attract google to rank the pages higher.