What do I need to expand my Dropshipping business to New Zealand?

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Please help. I am trying to expand the locations I ship to. I'm looking at New Zealand but I see that all companies need an IRD number to start trading in New Zealand. My first question does this apply to me since I'm dropshipping? My feeling is that it does apply to me and I need to go through the process of getting the IRD number, the Second question if it does not apply to me when will it apply to me?  

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Hi @LoganvanWyk! Gabby here from the Community Engagement team at Spocket.


You would only need an app that makes dropshipping easily to New Zealand, possible. Such apps include Spocket - where you can find loads of items from thousands of suppliers who mainly come from the EU and the US. Where are you based by the way? Which country are you planning on shipping products from to New Zealand? Upon checking Spocket's catalog, we have various suppliers from the EU and the US that can ship to New Zealand in as fast as 1-3 days. You can find out more by visiting Spocket's official website!




About the IRD, being that you're a dropshipping business, registering to entities such as this isn't really necessary. Registration is usually done if a major expansion for your business is in the works - and in any case, since you're not a New Zealand citizen, registering for the IRD isn't needed. At least this is the info I got from their official website

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Hello @LoganvanWyk 


In my knowledge, IRD requires only when you import and resell. Not required when you dropship. 

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