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It's been more than half a month, but my store still doesn't have the first sale. This made me seem frustrated. I want to know why they visit the site but don't buy the product. So I need cooperation from everyone, you can visit this site zixcool.com and make comments (including pros and cons) to improve my website and product. Thank you !

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Hello @ttphuongnhi20pn 

What theme is this?  Very old and baisc. 

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Hello, although you made a product classification in the shop, I found that there are many categories of products on your homepage, including sanitary appliances, small furniture, and electronic products. I think you can classify them, which will make it look cleaner.
In addition, in your single product display, there are too many pictures in the product introduction, you can select a few, this will be much simpler.
If you want to get an order quickly, you can set some attractive slogans to tell them why your product is better than others' numbers, what are the advantages, or give some limited time discounts.
Hope this helps you.

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