What is the best app to transfer products from Aliexpress to my shopify account?

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I'm trying to setup some products from AliExpress for drop shipping.  What is the best app to assist me to move from AliExpress to my Shopify store?

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Oberlo can be used to import and manage products from AliExpress.

You can check Oberlo integration with different product sources | Oberlo Help Center

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I love the oberlo idea but how would I be able to add my logo onto the product just like I do with Printify and prinful ?

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Hi @Burnafitinc 

We recommended oberlo and dropified for Aliexpress import to Shopify. 

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Hi, @jkosoglow!

My name is Lilith, I'm on the Social Care team at Shopify.

As others have mentioned in the thread, Oberlo is a great place to start. The app is very reliable, easy to use and we are able to offer support for this app 24/7 as well.

If you're a beginner with dropshipping, this app is the one I would recommend since it's free. All the free features are perfect for getting started and running your first dropshipping business. When you begin to see success you can upgrade the app plan and get access to the more advanced tools. There is a lot more information on the help guide for Oberlo as well to help you with getting started.

I also recommend checking out our free course on dropshipping as well. It's a thorough but not overwhelming series of videos. You can work through them one at a time as you build your store as well.

Since you're considering starting a dropshipping business I wanted to add some helpful tips as well:

  • Pick a small number of products that you can expand on later as you grow
  • Social media ads aren't the only place to build your audience, you can use blogs and email marketing
  • Starting a business and being successful means you'll grow as an entrepreneur, check out this post to help with mindset
  • Build your subscriber list in email for long term growth
  • Create a brand around your business idea to build credibility

Let me know how you do with the information above! I'm happy to answer any questions you think of as you work on your business.

Lilith | Social Care @ Shopify 
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