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What store address to put on my Dropshipping website

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Hi experts,

I'm almost ready to start advertising my first dropshipping site on Shopify but am stuck on what to put for the address. I don't want to put my home address for obvious reasons. I'm thinking of purchasing a PO box but the only issue I have with that is when someone purchases a product it will say it is being delivered from that address. Which is fine, but since I'm sourcing my products from China wouldn't it look weird if was a customer from Vancouver and saw that this store's address was also in Vancouver and then I look at the shipping updates and it's going all over the place plus taking 14-20 days. I just don't want to get frustrated customers with shipping times.

Long question but the short of it is, what are people using at their address and phone number when they don't want it connected to their private residence/contact?

Thanks for your help!

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Hi @herculesshields 

You can buy a virtual USA address and phone number if required. We Help Shopify Dropshippers
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