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Whats the best way to sell both to B2B customers and to the public?

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Hey team,


So I am new to Shopify, so I'm looking for some assistance. Let me give you a quick back story.


We are launching a hair product business where we want to 1) sell directly to customers online and 2) sell to barbershops who will sell our products in their stores. The selling to customers is easy... the selling to barbershops, we want to make that process easy for them. Effectively, what we want them to be able to do is have a favourite list established (which we will establish what those products are when we speak with them - it will only be 5-6 max), and instead of them having to manually order '10 of product A and 3 of product B', we want to pre-define how many of each product they want to hold in stock... and then all they need to do is input how many they currently have on the shelf, and the difference is automatically ordered. Does that make sense? This has been a MASSIVELY requested feature from barbershops that we have spoken too. 


So, now that you know that, is it possible to achieve this in Shopify? Is this best done through an app or a combination of apps?


Is the B2B and D2C accounts handled differently? What structure is best to separate the 2 different types of clients when starting out? Shopify Plus seems to have this functionality, but since we haven't even launched yet, it seems a bit overkill to go straight for that upgrade. How would you guys handle this situation? Cheers in advance.

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Hello @nzpatm 


Product Bundle suits your requirements.  End customers buy one or two units. Business people purchase more than 5 units. So you can have a bundle pack with discounts. We Help Shopify Dropshippers
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