Where to find a reliable international forwarder

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Hi everyone,

I'm planning to start my business in jewelry industry.
Want to find a reliable international forwarder company who can ship my products from China to Canada.
Anyone know any website I can go to?
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Hi Terry,


Check out Freightos. They're basically a marketplace for freight forwarders in the same way Expedia is a marketplace for flights and hotels.


We've recently started partnering with them and have found their service to be excellent.


Hope this helps!



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Thank you so much for giving the information!
Definitely check out their website!

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You can just try 86deal.com forwarder service, it offers fast and cost effective shipping line for small packages shipping from China to USA, EU and other countries.
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Hi @Terry88 

Some of the best companies for jewelry dropshipping. 





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You can google Chinese shipping forwarder or source from facebook group, there are many options for you to choose. You only need to find a Chinese shipping agent offers both small packages shipping and courier shipping service to help you ship from China to CA or other countries, the forwarder could also help you stock in China and ship worldwide based on your orders.

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