where to incorporate?

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a non-resident non-citizen of the USA wants to dropship products to USA market. 

Orders are fulfilled by various suppliers from China, USA and other countries. 

The will be no physical presence in the US: no office, no warehouse, no employees, etc. 


  1. where to incorporate? USA ? which state ? other country ? 
  2. what type of legal entity to choose? LLC , corporation ?
  3. where will this legal entity pay taxes on profit?
  4. where will the owner pay personal income tax on the income distributed by the legal entity mentioned above?




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Hello @Carolay_CO 

You do not need any legal entities to sell in USA.  Regardless of your location, you can sell anywhere in the world.  That is the main advantage of dropshipping. 

But you should pay taxes to your government from the money you make in dropshipping.  If any legal procedure to start an eCommerce business in your country you should follow that. 

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