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I am attempting to create a private page for our wholesale customers.  I have it set to where you are required to have an account through our page before you can see any product.  My question is how can I set it up to where each of these accounts have to be verified by our staff prior to being able to order from us?

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Hello @Tortuga 


This APP suits your requirements. Please check. 

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Hi @Tortuga,


Having private pricing can be achieved on a basic Shopify Account. I'm not sure why you would want to hide products (showing products increases SEO, word-of-mouth, etc.) Protecting your pricing ensures you remain competitive and creates a certain exclusivity. We can help you create the functionality so all wholesale clients must be approved by you or your staff members.


An example of this functionality can be found here. https://growhaussupply.ca/

You can view all products and gain all the benefit from search engines, while non-verified customers cannot see pricing and cannot make an order.


Key Features

  • Each customer account can have different pricing for the exact same product.
  • All customers must be verified by your staff.
  • Great SEO benefits with visible products.
  • All customers must login.
  • Easy to manage and maintain

You can view how we helped GrowHaus here: https://www.2h.media/portfolio/growhaus-supply-co/


We are a Canadian based (Ontario) web development and marketing agency.


If you have any questions you can reach out to me 519.835.3009 or email: matthew@2h.media


Best regards,

Matthew Herchel

2H Media 

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Hi @MatthewHerchel , I'm looking to create a similar option on my new website (week old!) for new wholesale business.  This is my first site on Shopify and my website is: www.privatepacks.com 


Would this be easy to create using my current site (Narrative theme) or do I need to download an app?

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You absolutely need an app or Shopify Plus. I suggest using an app.
You can email me directly at matthew@2h.media

I couldn't access your website, hopefully you are well.



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Hi Matt, 


Sorry for my very late reply. I don't come here often. For now, I created a discount code for wholesalers to use. Its a short term solution. Thank you again for offering to help me. Suzanne